Devin Dourney off to Stonehill College

Challenged with legal blindness, Dourney led a fulfilled life in high school.

Devin Dourney started high school four years ago with an extra challenge since she is legally blind.

But with the help of many professionals, friends and staff members, she was able to participate fully in all activities.

Dourney received help with orientation and mobility so she could cross the street by herself. She would get enlarged typeface fonts so she could read on her own.

Dourney ran track and cross country and both teams won the Tri-Valley League's championships during the past four years. She also competed in cross country and indoor track invitationals in New York and at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston.

Her involvement in sports and overcoming the challenges of seeing led her to be chosen to win one of four Tom Weaver Memorial B+ Scholarships this year.

She was a member of the Garden Club, and she and her fellow students ensured the entrance to the high school always looked beautifal with flowers.

Dourney is also a member of the National Honor Society.

She is off to Stonehill College to study business. Dourney is looking forward to living on a campus where there is no driving and everything is accessible by walking.


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