Governor Patrick Praises Keefe Tech at Visit

Patrick interacted with students and asked about their upcoming career choices.

Gov. Deval Patrick visited the  to outline the “Career Readiness” piece of his Administration’s Gateway Cities Education Agenda announced last fall.

During his visit, the governor saw first-hand how non-traditional learning methods, such as internships and on-the-job training, have proven successful in helping students succeed post-graduation.

“Keefe’s successful model of integrating academics and on-the-job experience is what we hope our Gateway Cities Education Agenda will address in cities across the commonwealth,” said Patrick. “I congratulate the students and leadership at Keefe in proving that career readiness can lead to countless post-graduation opportunities.”

During the Patrick-Murray Administration’s Education Summit in November, Patrick unveiled the Gateway Cities education agenda, a set of strategies aimed at eliminating those deep and persistent achievement gaps that disproportionately affect children living in poverty, students of color, students with disabilities and students who are English language learners. 

Keefe Tech Superintendent of Schools James Lynch told the governor Wednesday his school has more than 40 percent of the students on individual education plans, or designated as special needs students. He said Keefe Tech is far above the average for high schools in Massachusetts and other technical schools with this percentage.

Although Framingham is not one of the Gateway cities, the governor praised Keefe Tech's program.

“Keefe Tech plays a critical role in the MetroWest area educating students for success beyond high school," said State Rep. David Linsky in a statement. “Keefe Tech offers students many diverse programs which have evolved over the years as the workforce needs have changed. The school does an incredible job preparing students for after graduation, and I take great pleasure in welcoming Governor Patrick to Keefe Tech.” 

“Keefe Tech and schools like it are an essential part of preparing our students for the workforce,” said State Rep. Tom Sannicandro, who represents Framingham and Ashland, and whose son attended Keefe.


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