Holliston Woman Promotes Student Exchange Program

Holliston's Sheryl Sourkes is searching for families to host exchange students this August.

Sheryl Sourkes built and appreciation for exchange student programs at a young age, when her family welcomed foreign students into their home. 

Her appreciation for cultural experiences grew in Costa Rica, where Sourkes participated in a work exchange program, and again when she adopted a son from Korea. 

Now Sourkes volunteers at Education First, a student outreach foundation that includes facilitating student exchange programs among its services.

"You get to learn about another culture and share what it is like to live here," Sourkes said. "A lot of families make life-long bonds." 

Sourkes, a Holliston resident, is searching for local families to host exchange students starting in August. 

Host families provide room and board, and a few meals per day, Sourkes said. Students and families are matched on common interests to ensure a good fit.

"Imagine being a high school student and making a friend from another country that you share a friendship with for life. It’s such a great opportunity," Sourkes said. 

To learn more about hosting and exchange student or to refer a local family, contact Sheryl Sourkes at 508-816-7888 or by email her at sheryl.sourkes@effoundation.org


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