Hopkinton and Holliston Students Beat State Average on SATs

The College Board says average students in both towns are more than well-prepared for college.

High School seniors' SAT scores were released this week and students from both Hopkinton and Holliston scored better than students across the Commonwealth and the nation.

This year, 215 Holliston students took the SATs. Their scores were 552 in critical reading, 572 in math, and 555 in writing. (Total average of 1,679)

In Hopkinton, 246 students took the test. Their scores were 555 in critical reading, 583 in math, and 564 in writing. (Total average of 1,722)

The SAT exam is divided into three sections: reading, writing and math. The maximum score in each is 800 points. 

The statewide average this year was 506 for reading, 523 for math, and 500 for writing.

Nationally, reading scores fell to their lowest level in four decades. College-bound seniors scored an average of 496 points in reading, a 34-point drop since 1972, reported the College Board, which administers the SAT test.

Nationally, the average writing scores were 488, the lowest level since 2006, and the national math score was 514.

The College Board, in a press release, said students needed to achieve a combined score of 1550 out of a total of 2400 points to demonstrate they were well-prepared for college, indicating a 65 percent likelihood they would earn a B- average or higher during their freshman year of college.

Students in each town beat that number by more than 100 points on average.

The College Board report stated only 43 percent of 2012 high school seniors who took the test showed they were fully prepared for college.

Nationally, more than ever, the population of students taking the SAT reflects the diverse makeup of America's classrooms.

Among SAT takers in the class of 2012:

  • 45 percent were minority students (up from 44 percent in the class of 2011 and 38 percent in the class of 2008) making this the most diverse class of SAT takers ever.
  • 28 percent reported that English was not exclusively their first language (up from 27 percent in the class of 2011 and 24 percent in the class of 2008).
  • Among public school SAT takers in the class of 2012, 25 percent reported that English was not exclusively their first language, up from 23 percent five years ago.
  • 36 percent of all students reported their parents' highest level of education as a high school diploma or less.
  • 62 percent of Hispanic SAT takers in the class of 2012 are first-generation college goers.


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