NEW PHOTOS: Hopkinton Teacher Appreciation Week

Even more photos of teachers from Hopkinton schools by Patch photographer Vicki Francis.

Meghan Saunders – Hopkins Fourth-Grade teacher

“This is my first year teaching at Hopkins School.  I teach my fourth-grade class science, social studies & math.  I love it when students are enthusiastic about a subject.  Curiosity is contagious!”


Mary Oldbach - Elmwood School Third-Grade Teacher 

  "This is my seventh year teaching in Hopkinton and I love it!  When my sons were very young, I was a very active HPTA member and began substituting in the elementary schools.  This was such a positive experience for me that I decide to go back to graduate school for my Masters in Education and teaching certification.  I graduated from Lesley University  in 2004 and was delighted to receive a job offer from Hopkinton after doing my student teaching in Holliston.

"I love this age group and how earnest the children are as students.  I love their individuality and understanding how each child learns best while supporting them to be the best they can be, not only  in school but also as a friend and community member. 

 "My kids make me smile when I receive an invitation to a special game or recital."


Mike Greco – Hopkinton High School Math Teacher

 “I’ve been teaching in Hopkinton for five years now.  I teach honors geometry and College Placement Algebra II.  What I love most about my job is that I get to do something different every day.  The kids in Hopkinton are great to work with.  And summer vacation is a definite plus.

"I think coaching  (junior varsity boys basketball) is really just another form of teaching.  I get to work with students outside of the classroom and get to know them in a different capacity.  We spend a lot of time with our athletes over a short season and get to know them very well.  It tends to lead to a more lasting relationship than what is developed in the classroom.

Jay Golden  - Hopkinton High School Special Education Teacher

“This is my 12th year teaching at Hopkinton and I teach Special Education.  The part about my job I enjoy the most is simply being in the position to help others on a regular basis.  I look at coaching (freshman boys basketball) as an extension of the classroom, it’s having the opportunity to teach not only sport-specific strategy but to more importantly impart lessons that will be long-lasting off the court and field.  Plus I love basketball and baseball so that’s a plus as well.”


Heidi Woods - Center School First-Grade Teacher

 “I’ve been teaching in Hopkinton for nine years (hard to believe).  The thing I love most about my job is the enthusiasm the kids bring with them to school every day.  My kids make me smile when they go 'above and beyond,' when doing their work or when helping a friend.  I love to see their generous, kind and helpful spirit!”


Rebecca Feldman – Hopkins School Fifth-Grade Teacher

“I have worked at Hopkins for four years.  I also worked here as a special education teacher when the school first opened.  Then I took six years off to be with my children.

"My students make me smile when I hear them randomly singing my goofy songs (to remember new concepts.)  That tells me they really understood the idea and it will stay with them for a long time … even if they don’t want it to!!”


Emily Edwards - Hopkins Art Teacher

(From Vicki Francis:) I don’t have the opportunity to speak with each of the teachers but this teacher is a real favorite at Hopkins.


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