Toy Gun at Holliston High School Posed No Threat

The disabled air soft gun was part of a school project.

Holliston High School. Credit: Patch file photo.
Holliston High School. Credit: Patch file photo.
An incident at Holliston High School caused some concern on Wednesday when a student was carrying a disabled air soft gun and walking down a corridor with it as part of a school project.

School officials quickly secured the air soft gun and removed from the school, according to an email sent to parents earlier in the day from Superintendent of Holliston Dr. Bradford Jackson and Holliston High School Principal Nicole Bottomley.

That email -- dated Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 8:35 PM -- was secured by Patch and this is what it said: 

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Earlier today, a few High School students were working on a project for a class.  The project included a prop that resembled a gun, although in reality the prop was a disabled airsoft gun that that had the orange tip designating it as a toy, removed.

The students were carrying the prop as they walked through the building freely as part of this project.  Upon becoming aware of this, Mrs. Bottomley contacted the school resource officer and sent the teacher out to find the students and to take away the prop.  The prop was then secured with the school resource officer since it so closely resembled a real gun.  The prop has been taken out the school and will not return.

At no time were any students in danger.

As the students had the teacher's permission to conduct this project, the administration is not planning disciplinary action against the students.  Further conversations between the HS Administration and the teacher who supervised the project will take place to make sure that this incident is not repeated.

If you have any questions regarding this incident, please contact the High School office.


Bradford L. Jackson, Ed.D.                 Nicole Bottomley
Superintendent of Schools                 Principal, Holliston High School


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