When Does School Start in Hopkinton 2012-2013

If you're trying to figure out family vacations or what to do with your kids on their days off, here's an easy to read table. Bookmark it for easy reference.

Trying to figure out what your kids' school year will look like in ? Here's a list of all the early release and days off for the 2012-2013 school year including Prom (May 17) and Graduation (June 7). Be sure to bookmark this for easy access throughout the year.

Date Holiday Who Sept. 5 First Day of School Grades 1-12 Sept. 7 First Day of School Kindergarten Sept. 17 Rosh Hashannah (NO SCHOOL) All Schools Sept. 26 Yom Kippur (NO SCHOOL) All Schools Oct. 3 Early Release Elementary Oct. 8 Columbus Day (NO SCHOOL) All Schools Oct. 17 Early Release All Schools Nov. 6 Professional Day (NO SCHOOL) All Schools Nov. 7 Early Release Elementary Nov. 12 Veterans Day (NO SCHOOL) All Schools Nov. 14 Early Release Elementary Nov. 21 Early Release (Thanksgiving) All Schools Nov. 22 Thanksgiving (NO SCHOOL) All Schools Nov. 23 Black Friday (NO SCHOOL) All Schools Dec. 5 Early Release Elementary Dec. 21 Last Day of School All Schools Jan 2. School Reopens All Schools Jan. 9 Early Release Elementary Jan. 21 Martin Luther King Day (NO SCHOOL) All Schools Feb. 6 Early Release Elementary Feb. 15 Last Day Before Vacation All Schools Feb. 25 First Day After Vacation All Schools March 5 Professional Day (NO SCHOOL) All Schools March 13 Early Release All Schools March 29 Good Friday (NO SCHOOL) All Schools April 10 Early Release Elementary April 12 Last Day Before Vacation All Schools April 22 First Day After Vacation All Schools

May 1 Early Release All Schools May 17 Prom (Early Release) All Schools May 27 Memorial Day (NO SCHOOL) All Schools June 7 High School Graduation June 12 Early Release Elementary June 21 Tentative Last Day (Early Release) All Schools June 28 Last Weather Make-up Day (If Needed) All Schools


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