Whiz Kid Isaac Fadden is the Artist of the Month for November...and for Good Reason

Whiz Kid Issac Fadden is an Honor student at HHS in the middle of his junior year. His recent work in Lisa Bynoe’s Introduction to Painting has earned him the honor of November’s Artist of the Month.

  • Whiz Kid: Isaac Fadden, 16
  • Whiz Kid's School/Church/Community Center: Isaac is in the midst of his Junior year at HHS, where he has earned high-honors grades with an ambitious course load for three years running.
  • Whiz Kid's Accomplishment: Isaac was recently selected Holliston’s Artist of the Month for November 2011 due to his remarkable work in Lisa Bynoe’s Introduction to Painting class.
  • Whiz Kid's Key to Awesomeness: Isaac is a very diligent and focused young man, with a wide-range of interests. He has been an honor student at HHS since his freshman year, and his calm demeanor is a pleasure to his instructors. He is a member of the Panther’s Varsity Track team where he runs the 55m, 100m, and 200m dashes. He was last clocked running an impressive 12.95 in the 100m last season at the Notre Dame Rt. 228 F-S Meet. Isaac is a talented young man with diverse passions, but perhaps none is greater than his passion for art.

This past semester in Lisa Bynoe’s Introduction to Painting class, Isaac and his classmates were given an assignment meant to teach them about elements of design. In this project, the students focused on the expressive use of line and color, with each student being given a small plastic bottle filled with black India ink to draw their expressive pieces. Then, once the drawing had dried, the students were encouraged to examine their compositions and determine how they could add interest by adding color, shape and value. Isaac, in particular, put a great deal of care and diligence into this aspect of the assignment. Finally, students completed their works by adding watercolor paint.

Isaac’s final product for this assignment is simply breathtaking. The work clearly follows the guidelines of the assignment to a tee; the colors and shapes are swirled together in a manner that is both eye-catching and expressive. It has a somewhat post-modern edge to it; however, the work is so ubiquitously open to interpretation that trying to categorize it is a task better left to each observer’s own subjective perspective. This, of course, is the mark of truly fine art, where an easy interpretation is not applicable, and the work truly speaks for, and by, itself. For this, and his general performance in class, Isaac is a deserving recipient of November’s Artist of the Month award. In addition, his diverse talents and drive make this week’s Whiz Kid a person to watch as he heads towards his final year at HHS.


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