Demons Hockey Players Tear Up The Rink At the TD Bank Garden

Shooter, Owen Delaney and goalie, Dylan O'Leary participated in a mini one-on-one, against 44 other teams, earning them the title of second place. Their hard-fought matches were featured on the jumbotron during intermission at the Bruins game last week an

Names: Owen Delaney (shooter), and Dylan O'Leary (goalie).

Team: Demons (Pee-Wee) Youth Hockey Association.

Hopkinton Patch: You both have had a pretty exciting week being featured at the TD Bank Garden playing in the one-on-one, how do you feel?

Delaney: It was really exciting to participate in the event. The one-on-one tournament was held back in September at the TD Garden and taped. It was a long, tough day competing against so many athletes, but I really enjoyed it.

O'Leary: Yes, it was really fun skating at the TD Garden. We had to go up against a lot of teams to qualify although we had to spend a long time on the bench before it was our turn to compete.

Patch: How were you chosen for the event?

Delaney: My dad chose to enter the event and needed two players, one shooter and a goalie.

O'Leary: After being chosen, we had to beat out 14-16 other teams to qualify for the TV portion at the garden. We won our district and were able to continue and compete against 30 other teams.

Patch: What was your favorite part?

Delaney: I think that just being able to compete in this event. Last year, we were the last, non-select team from Massachusetts, and it was exciting to be chosen this year and to do well in the tournament.

O'Leary: Getting this far and being able to compete against teams from all over New England. It was great to come in second place against 30 teams. The first place team got every goal, but Owen only missed 3 shots out of the whole tournament.

Patch: Were you nervous?

Delaney: I was nervous before I got on the ice, but once the competition started, I was calm and focused.

O'Leary: I was a little nervous when I saw this kid, "Oliver Whalstrom" warming up. He has really good skills. When I got on the ice, I tried to do my best and it paid off.

Patch: When did you start skating?

Delaney: I started skating when I was 3 or 4 years old. I started competing when I was in second grade.

O'Leary: I started at the same time, when I was very young. Owen and I have been on the same teams since second grade.

Patch: Who has influenced you the most in skating?

Delaney: My dad was a professional hockey player and he has helped me with my skills. He alway's has good advice for me on and off of the ice. Before the one-on-one tournnament, he took me to the rink and worked with me. It was very helpful.

O'Leary: My father is the assistant coach and has been helping me with my skills for years. He is very supportive of me in every sport.

Patch: Do you plan to continue playing hockey?

Both: Yes!


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