Finishing Times for Framingham's Runners

Four women and 2 men finished in under four hours. Boston Marathon times for all official Framingham runners.

 Official Female Runners

Ardria Cucinotta: 3:32:57

Phyllis Lowry: 3:39:45

Andrea Leonard: 3:39:45

Julia Stapleton: 3:53:52

Michelle McElroy: 4:00:56

Erin J. Reeves: 4:09:24

Michele Tibbert: 4:15:40

Kendra Howard: 4:21:15

Jacqueline C. DeRosa: 4:21:35

Hannah Jerdee: 4:52:35

Julie A. Tambascio: 5:16:47

Grace Idzal: 5:23:34

Jamie Lightfoot: 5:42:29


Official Male Runners: 

Chad Tibbert: 3:52:34

Kevin Desmarais: 3:53:11

Hylton Southey: 4:06:20

Eric Jacobsen: 4:15:52

Kevin P. Hanlon:  4:16:43

Paul D. Spear: 4:22:13

Paul P. Burton: 4:23:08

Brian E. Malo: 4:23:13

Gary Zaino: 4:28:34

Jason Hinkle: 4;39:27

Steve Condon: 4:45:19

Hans Thamhain: 4:49:33

Dan T. Murphy: 5;01:52

Michael J. Campion: 5:06:39

David Hudson: 5:30:27

Dennis A. Charles: 5:57:23





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