Hillers Decathlete Hurdles Over The Competition

Hopkinton Hillers indoor track standout Ryan Webster, broke his own records this season and helped his team realize a perfect season (8-0), in addition to winning at TVL's.

Name: Ryan Webster

Graduating Class: 2012

Team: Hopkinton Hillers Track (decathlete), specializing in hurdles, jumps and the triple jump.

Coach: Mike Donahue

Hopkinton Patch: How is the season going for you so far?

Ryan Webster: So far, the team is undefeated. I have done well this season and was able to break my own record in the triple jump.

Patch: When did you start participating in track?

Webster: I started my freshman year in the spring. I have been running ever since.

Patch: Who are the people who have infleunced you the most?

Webster: I have had great coaches throughout my career. Mr. Donahue has been a great coach and has really helped me with my throws. Mr. Shea has been great helping me with sprints and hurdles. Mrs. Thompson helps me with all of the jumps.

Patch: As a decathlete, how do you manage the pressure?

Webster: I spend a lot of time the nights before a meet thinking about the events and what I need to accomplish. When I get to a meet I focus on my specific races.

Patch: What are your goals this season?

Webster: Right now our goal is to win at TVL's. (note: After this interview the team did win at the Tri-Valley Leage championship meet).  We have won the title three out of four years and I would like to help the team get there.

Patch: What is your most memorable moment?

Webster: Recently breaking the hurdles record, I ran a 7.95 in the 55m in January. I have been working on it for four years.

Patch: Do you have any advice for younger, student athletes?

Webster: It's never easy and you may feel like you aren't getting anywhere, but if you work hard it will pay off.

Patch: Do you have any other hobbies or interests?

Webster: I like rock climbing and I play the trumpet.

Patch: What are your plans for next year?

Webster: I plan to go to a four-year college. Hopefully a D1 school with a track team. I plan to study biochemistry and biomedical engineering.


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