A Thank You Note to Hopkinton Donors

Catherine Meinen, sent a note to Patch this week thanking everyone for supporting her family during her daughter's cancer treatment.

On Patch we get a lot of information to the site that might not always get featured on the front page. One of the submissions this week came from Catherine Meinen, the mother of Zoe Meinen.

If you missed our story last month, Michelle Tate of held a fundraiser to help support the family .

“Zoe has ATRT brain cancer and, after an exceptionally invasive resection to remove the baseball-size tumor from the center of her brain, began chemotherapy at Children's Hospital Boston. When our social worker there asked us to think about Make-A-Wish, my heart ached for days. The only wish that I had was to have more time with Zoe. No organization could give us that. Or so I thought. My husband and I have been able to be with Zoe through every moment of this experience because of people like Michelle, her fellow Music Together teacher, Vicki, and their MT families, who have made it financially possible for my husband to trade money for time. Zoe's 87 days in the hospital have meant that paid time off from work was exceeded long ago and our household income was severely affected. The generosity of the Music Together community raised enough money to pay for our mortgage this month and so, in effect, made David's time with Zoe last month possible. There simply is no other wish our family could have. If anyone is interested in following Zoe's story or learning more about living with brain cancer and the associated conditions she has experienced, all are welcome to visit Zoe's blog at zoemeanslifeblog.blogspot.com. Blessings in abundance to you, Catherine Meinen Portsmouth, NH”


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