Elise J. Gilbert
Elise Gilbert is a Hopkinton resident and aspiring novelist. She has enjoyed writing and reading since childhood and hopes to turn her hobbies into a career. She graduated from UMass-Dartmouth with a dual BA in English (writing, communications & rhetoric) and philosophy and is excited to be a contributor for Patch.
A lifelong bookworm and writer, Elise became an English major at the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth and graduated in 2010. While at UMass, she developed a passion for continental philosophy, feminist studies, and social issues. Luckily, there is much to be written about all of those topics! A lover of animals, nature, and great food, Elise aspires to someday become a full-time freelancer in order to become closer to the things she loves, most notably writing.  She lives downtown with her lovely boyfriend and little black cat.
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