Michael McInnis
Michael's eighth-grade English teacher (whom he had a crush on, by the way), tried her best to convince him that he should think about writing as a career. It took a number of years and a number of wrong turns for Michael to finally come to the conclusion that she was a very wise lady.
Since that realization, he's written for a variety of venues, including newspapers and web publications. He's served as editor/writer for Hometown Weekly, contributing more than 300 feature articles during his tenure and was Publisher/Editor for both Our Town And Around and Here And There. He's also contributed articles for web publications, including newenglandfilm.com and The Suburban Sampler.  Michael's creative writing credits include authoring two stage-plays (produced locally) and three feature-length screenplays (so far), two of which have been contracted to Pennington Station. His teacher would be proud. In addition to journalism pursuits, Michael has been a radio broadcaster (yes, he's heard the one about having a face made for radio; ha,ha) and still broadcasts on a part-time basis.
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